freestyles in the witch house

On the edge of Columbia, South Carolinas tentative hip culture theres an artist, musician and provacateur who seems to produce works to further a creative teetering process. that may one day just land him into something like one of the daydream cum nightmare worlds of his own paintings and music videos.

Salvador Dali once said, “Those who do not want to imitate anything, produce nothing.” Adam is obviously clued into this notion because as I scroll through a gallery of his paintings on my mobile I notice a 90’s theme. In one painting titled Tenants of Forest Trace Court Dr.evil stands next to a printing press beside a dumpster with a pixalated image hovering above it. In What Prompted Stuarts Choice the mad tv character Stuart (ya know the grown man dressed as a litlle kid) floats on a raft under a bridge leaning on a clown with a skull for a face. The nineties references are what initially catch my eye but what draws me deeper is the fine tuned detail of each work. Its as if Adam has some sort of photographic memory in his dreams that he transfers to canvas with hands that defy convention. His talent is not just limited to paintings though. He records and performs music, and has made a few videos under the name Baggage Klaim. In the Baggage Klaim videos he takes the vision he applies to art and reworks it into flowing fever dreams. His last video; Sum and Appraiser felt like an adventure through derelict locales pursuing or maybe escaping some insidious phantasm. He has a new project called Money Sanders where his focus freestyle rap. Listening to Money Sanders songs feels like interacting with an AI construct stuck in the mid 2000’s filtering information like a Charles Bukowski poem.

Adam agreed to do an interview with me so that I could scratch the surface on some queries I’ve had for a while about his artwork and music.

Blogona: First off I want to thank you for doing this

Adam Drawdy: Anytime

B: How many projects are you working on at the moment?

AD: Three, Future Christian Mortalists, GoldenHostage, and Money Sanders

B: Money Sanders seems to have a more cynical sense of humor than Baggage Klaim, do you agree

AD: hmm, It’s definitely more humorous but really i think Baggage Klaim was way more sinsiter

B: I agree, theres something dark lurking in Baggage Klaim’s videos. Did shooting those give you any nightmares?

AD: No but a lot of the imagery was taken from them

B: From your dreams?

AD: I’ll think of a certain place around town then just try to build whatever hell could be like there .. I had a lot of night terrors as a kid and a lot of the places may just be a place i was during a particular heartache or anxiety. I.e. maybe the rock quarry or the back room of my dads office, that room has beein in two videos so far as well as a photo shoot.

B: In the Sum and Appraiser video where you in Frankies Fun Park after hours?

AD: Nah, they were chill with everything and there was barely anybody there which is dope because honestly I wasn’t trying to disturb anybody other than Baggage Klaim viewers

from sum and appraiser

B: When did you start making music?

AD: I remember trying to start a band with my friend called “Today and Tomorrow” when i was about elleven or twelve

B: Did that work out?

AD: Oh, terifically, we had a practice amp we would jump off the bed with the electric guitar. I remember wanting to have a concert in my backyard before that, I had a song called “Acid Rain”

B: Tell me you still have the lyrics

AD: Yeah, “Acid rain, all the things pour down”

B: Well thats pretty good for twelve

AD: I think so

B: Are there things you feel like you can say as Money Sanders that Baggage Klaim wouldn’t speak on?

AD: Not really, it’s all stream of consciousness for the most part with Money Sanders. I mean, i guess, it’s way more brain dead.

B: Money Sanders is just a rapper?

AD: I really dont consider myself a rapper but Money Sanders is a rapper.

B: In the Better Desperate video from Baggage Klaim you wear a skirt right?

AD: Yeah, in Sum and Appraiser too

B: Do you feel like cross dressing or gender ambiguity plays a part in the symbolism of your work?

AD: When I was younger I always thought it just fit me you know? Like i felt like a female tennis player so to speak. I don’t know i just liked how they looked, I consider myself a male but i’m definetely not opposed to being called queer or whaterver regardless of being heterosexual.

female tennis star?

B: I feel like we play gender roles everyday so in art it’s something we can play off of

AD: Agreed

B: When you make videos do you save up for them or just pay piece by piece?

AD: Piece by piece mostly even with the initial kickstarter for Better Desperate. Those videos cost me so much of my money.

B: Do you feel like your reach as an artist increasing has helped or hindered the feelings your work convey?

AD: hmm, I dont really feel increased, maybe i’m misunderstanding.

B: I mean as a painter succeding as a multimedia artist and musician

AD: Like personal victory sorta thing?

B: Well how many shows have you done?

AD: Too many to count.

B: How many paintings are in your house right now?

AD: None at this moment, they are all the the Hunter Gatherer

B: So they are at a showing?

AD: Yeah it will be there through half of April.

B: You dont think that entails success?

AD: I don’t really know what success means outside of personal happiness.

from Sum and Appraiser

You can see Adams paintings and drawings on


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